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Two Rapid Response Beach Cleanups Monday and Saturday of next week

If you have been on the beaches lately you know there is an influx of debris on them due to the high tides and winter storms.  Two sites that are in special need are Taft Beach that has three river docks beached on it and Moolack Beach that has more than the usual amount of domestic and Tsunami marine debris.  We need your help next week for these two rapid response cleanups.
Agate Beach Improvment Plan
December 22, 2014 |

Agate Beach Area Improvements

Agate Beach Area Wayside Improvements is the official name of this city project; however, the site of this project is not at the existing Agate Beach Wayside but instead is at Agate Beach between the Lucky Gap Trail and Roby’s Furniture and Appliance.

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The makeshift toilet discovered by OPRD last week at Agate Beach
December 18, 2014 |

Mind the logs at Agate Beach

Someone has taken it upon themselves to place a make-shift, unplumbed toilet in the woods and near the creek, just south of the agate Beach Trail and access. That’s right a porcelain throne, brimming with excrement, swiftly delivering poop and pathogens into the lineup of one of your favorite surf spots. A wag of the finger, make that the middle, to the individual that has prioritized their bow constraints over the health and well-being of the many that utilize this beach and ocean environment.
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