DSC_6634smallIt was a drizzly morning, but when the high school students from Oregon City joined us it felt like the sun was shining full blast.

These kids were out doing a beach clean-up and they decided to join our (small but mighty) procession to show our position against offshore oil drilling and maintaining the moratorium currently in place in Oregon.

Like one of our participants said ‘Hard to see a moment like that and not feel a little inspired and comforted about where we are headed as a community. Thanks also to everyone who showed up in support.’

And thanks for cleaning the beach!!                            More Photos

On May 16, we will gather at Don Davis Park in Newport, Oregon. Our reason for gathering is simple: To say NO to offshore oil drilling and YES to clean energy. This isn’t about politics – it’s about protection of our oceans and marine life, our coastal environment and our coastal economies.

We will begin forming our human ‘line in the sand’ at 11:30, then at noon, we will join hands for 15 minutes. Please RSVP to help us plan for refreshments and bring your own cup to minimize waste. Let’s leave only our footprints.

hands across the sand-small

This gathering will be one of hundreds of synchronized events taking place globally to raise awareness about the dangers of fossil fuels and the need to speed the transition to clean energy solutions. Hands Across the Sand is about embracing energy sources that will sustain our planet. A clean energy policy is the path to job growth, a vibrant economic future, and long-term energy independence. New clean energy, in combination with reduced consumption, will help us break our addiction to fossil fuels.

Hand across the Sand is a movement made up of people from all walks of life. We are parents, friends, neighbors, small business owners, and sportsmen.  We span political lines, geographic boundaries, and socio-economic groups. We are united by the desire to protect our coastal economies, oceans, wildlife, fisheries, our environment and our way of life.

Surfrider’s Policy on Offshore Drilling

The Surfrider Foundation is opposed to any new offshore oil drilling. Our nation’s oceans, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and ecological treasures that will be polluted by an increase in offshore oil drilling. Instead of advocating for transient and environmentally harmful ways to meet America’s oil needs, we should seek a comprehensive energy plan that is based on sustainability, conservation and renewable energy. More on Offshore oil drilling.

Here’s a great story on the importance of our stance on this issue by Oregon’s own, Pete Stauffer