The Hold on to Your Butt program aims to educate, raise awareness, and reduce cigarette butt litter from Newport. We take a proactive approach in stopping the flow of cigarette butt litter from sidewalks to storm drains and ultimately our ocean through cleanups, education, and our unique butt canister sponsorship program.

Environmental Impacts of Cigarette Butts

  • 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are discarded each year
  • Cigarette butts leak toxins when wet
  • Cigarette butts represent 32% of litter in the US
  • Cigarette butts are made of non-biodegradable plastics

Hold on to Your Butt Canister Sponsorship Program

Your business or organization can sponsor Community Ashcans to immediately improve our community, and reduce the impact of cigarette litter on our streets, beaches, and our ocean. Community Ashcans are installed in locations approved by our partners, who are responsible for maintenance and emptying the ashcans. Partner with the Surfrider Foundation today to reduce local cigarette butt litter. Canister sponsorship costs $93 (which is tax deductible).

If you are interested in sponsoring a canister, please fill out the Sponsorship Form and email it to

Interested in volunteering with this program? Send an email to