Come pitch in and help protect the Otter Rock Marine Reserve and Marine Gardens this Sunday! We are having a special cleanup of the Otter Rock/Devils Punch Bowl north beach and Marine Gardens that has asphalt on it from some failing paths and parking lots.  This involves breaking the larger chunks into smaller pieces that can then be carried from the beach in a chain style fashion with fellow volunteers!

Be prepared with heavy work gloves and safety glasses if you want to smash rock. We will be meeting in the Otter Rock/Devils Punch Bowl parking lot at Noon on Sunday April 12th.  If you need further information please contact our volunteer coordinator Vince.

Please RSVP to Vince if you plan to attend so we can plan accordingly!
The Ongoing Issue and Our Concerns for Protecting Otter Rock Marine Reserve
Oregon Parks and Recreation had identified the area in need of cleanup, as asphalt eroding from the cliff side has been falling down beachside and within the marine gardens and marine reserve for over 2 years now. More than a recreational hazard, the eroding asphalt presents environmental and habitat concerns amongst our members to the newly protected area. To date, OPRD, Surfrider and Americorps volunteers have organized 3 events here removing a total of nearly 10,000lbs of asphalt. Fortunately, Road and Driveway Company has accepted the waste for recycling for free (thanks!).
Beyond our ongoing cleanup efforts and stewardship efforts to address this problem, the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation is interested in pursuing sensible solutions to help protect this special place and prevent further environmental hazards.