The decision to move the Coast Guard Helicopter operations from Newport to North Bend has drawn much concern and opposition from the recreational and commercial fishing community, but non-boater recreational users (like unknowing surfers, swimmers  and beach-goers) likely have more to lose in this horrible decision that puts our local community and tourists at risk. Surfers, tourists, recreational users of all kinds, we need your support to help keep the Coast Guard Helo in Newport! Please read on and take action!

Just two weeks after the decision was released to the public to move the Helo operations, 5 individuals were plucked off the rocks at Fogarty Creek on Saturday. The heroic rescue could have very well ended in fatalities had the Helicopter assistance taken an hour to reach the scene from North Bend (as it was, they were on the scene within 10 minutes of the call). This only underscores the nature and and general increase in trends of non-boater recreational rescues required along the central coast, a hub for tourism holding the most-visited recreational beaches and coastal state parks in state of Oregon.

We need your support, please join us by signing the petition, or attending

the Town Hall on Monday, October 20th, 5:30 pm at the Oregon Coast Community College Commons…public comment welcome or just come and show your support!