Owners of property on the west side of Spring Street in Newport want to vacate old Jump Off Joe Road to build a house and two duplexes. This is now public access. They want to make it private. To us, because of the enormous recreational value of the Nye Beach area, this is a terrible idea. Instead, that right of way could be improved over time to be an important beach access and it can be part of an improved facility so people can enjoy this special beach.

If you’re concerned about this street vacation and how this area could be better used in the public’s interest, there are several ways you can make your voice heard.

First, there is an opportunity to submit written testimony before and at the County Commissioners hearing. In order to insure your testimony is included in the record, please use the identifier V-168, Vacation of a Portion of Jump Off Joe County Road # 500 with any correspondence.

Second, If you wish to use email, send a succinct message to: kwhitaker@co.lincoln.or.us  with the title “I oppose the street vacation of Jump Off Joe Road.”  Briefly explain your interest in the area as a recreational user and feel free to use some of the talking points from above.

Third: A public hearing for the County  Commission is on Wednesday, December 5 at 9:30 AM. Showing up and giving testimony is another great way to get on the public record.

Let’s save what treasured non-developed areas of the coast we can.

Elaine Karnes is collecting petition signatures. She can send an email to reply to or a form to print and pass around for others to sign. They need to be done before the meeting Wednesday morning. Contact her at karnese@peak.org.