The makeshift toilet discovered by OPRD last week at Agate Beach
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Mind the logs at Agate Beach

Someone has taken it upon themselves to place a make-shift, unplumbed toilet in the woods and near the creek, just south of the agate Beach Trail and access. That’s right a porcelain throne, brimming with excrement, swiftly delivering poop and pathogens into the lineup of one of your favorite surf spots. A wag of the finger, make that the middle, to the individual that has prioritized their bow constraints over the health and well-being of the many that utilize this beach and ocean environment.
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Huge Quantities Of Plasics Pollution Are Found On South Sokos Island, Hong Kong, China.
December 16, 2014 | No Comments

A Big Thanks! University of Oregon – Otter Rock / Devil’s Punchbowl Beach Cleanup

A HUGE THANKS goes out to the University of Oregon Outdoor Program who volunteered with the Newport chapter on a cleanup project at Otter Rock / Devil’s Punchbowl. The group focused on removing micro trash from the area, and despite the tedious nature of the work, students we were able to remove thousands of nurdles.
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Newport Helo Saved…for now

Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation has played an active supporting role for the past 4 months to help ensure the Coast Guard’s helicopter, an important tool in protecting recreational lives and the environment on the central coast, remained in Newport after an announcement earlier this year that the USCG was closing the station and moving to North Bend. Beginning as a local campaign led by the Fishermen’s Wives, the effort scaled to our congressional delegates who helped secure funding for another year.
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