Pictured left to right – Daniel Ryden (Dallas High) , Paul Wilhelmi (Taft) , Brie Staunton (Newport High), Alyssa Steenkolk (Newport High), Tabitha Keefer (Newport High), Ashley Balk (Santiam Christian High School).

A team of youth volunteers from the Oregon Coast Aquarium have come together to show their friends it’s cool to “be fantastic and ditch the plastic!” The students will show the benefits of using reusable water bottles instead of single use plastic bottles by educating and challenging their friends at school.  Each student will get their school involved by setting up an education booth and encouraging their friends to take the “rise above plastics” pledge. They are also organizing a week long challenge to see which graduating class can collect and recycle the most single use plastic bottles and get the most pledges. The collection site, located in the  main lobby of their school next to their education booth, will demonstrate how many single use bottles could be replaced by a reusable bottle. Working together, six students are impacting hundreds of their peers!

Santiam Christian student Ashley Balk next to her display

The students will be presenting their project to the public at the Oregon Coast Aquarium on April 9th @3pm in the Gleason room. Come see them!