When: April 6th and 7th, 2013, 2:30PM-6:30PM Saturday, 3:30PM-6:30PM Sunday.

The gate to the parking lot will be locked as of 5 PM, please be sure to arrive prior to 5 PM so you may enter the site.

Where: Yaquina Head Lighthouse Cobble Beach – sign in at interpretive center.

After, proceed to the lighthouse. The cobble beach is down the stairway on the south side of the parking area.


Directions: Heading north on highway 101 in Newport take a left near the northern end of Newport at NW Lighthouse Dr. Follow that road through fee booth (booth is not in use at this time of the year) and follow signs for the interpretive center. All volunteers must check in, sign the waiver, and obtain a parking pass at the interpretive center before proceeding to Cobble Beach for cleanup.

Contact: Peter Snell: nptsurfridercc@gmail.com (541-520-5174) RSVP by e-mail appreciated.

Join the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation, Bureau of Land Management and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to help remove derelict crabbing gear from a pristine cobblestone beach at the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Volunteers have contributed over 500 hours to this project removing well over 1 ton of gear, but over 1 ton of rope and metal debris remains and needs to be removed. A few volunteers can make a big difference in a short amount of time, but as many volunteers as we can muster can help to actually complete the removal of this massive amount of debris. For this project, individuals 14 and over are requested due to the rocky terrain at the project site. Our project goal is to cut apart a large mass of rope and metal crabbing debris and carry it out of the site for proper disposal. Be aware this site requires descending and ascending a flight of over 100 stairs to the cobblestone beach and walking on large unstable rock cobblestones. Rubber boots are recommended or sturdy boots. Please bring work gloves if you have them or if you don’t Surfrider Foundation will provide you with gloves to use as well as plastic cleanup bags to carry debris out of the site. If you have a good knife that can cut a rope (especially with a serrated blade) please bring it to the cleanup.

Special thanks to Thompson’s Sanitary and Lincoln Solid Waste District for donation of a dumpster, hauling and rope recycling efforts!