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Freedom from Marine Debris


Help us combat marine debris this Fourth of July!

We know that the Fourth of July has become the “dirtiest beach day of the year”.  The Newport Chapter has long been a leader in the volunteer cleanup effort, hosting several beach cleanup sites on July 5th each year.  This year, with funding support from the NOAA Marine Debris Program, we are expanding our efforts!  Click the button below to learn more about the project on our blog.

Want to get involved?

Surfrider volunteers make the world go round!  To help with this massive county-wide project, we are recruiting volunteers for three different opportunities:

Join a Cleanup

Bring your friends, family, or just yourself to a beach cleanup on July 5th or 7th!  Meet like-minded volunteers, and show some love to our coasts after the holiday!

Coos Bay ICCD SOLVE cleanup Bastendorff

Barrel Adopters

We will be placing beach barrels at access points throughout Lincoln County to help mitigate trash from becoming marine debris.  We need your help to monitor and empty the barrels!

  • Barrel Monitors: Keep our beaches beautiful by monitoring a beach access trash barrel, contacting Barrel Emptiers when needed, and reaching out for support if issues arise. One week commitment: Monday 7/1 to Monday 7/8.

  • Barrel Emptiers: Follow a safety plan to empty and replace barrel bags for a beach access trash barrel within a day of being contacted, and transport full bags to a designated disposal site. One week commitment: Monday 7/1 to Monday 7/8.

Beach Captains

We are looking for volunteers to run beach cleanups on Friday, July 5th & Sunday, July 7th!

We will provide all the necessary training and equipment for you to run a beach cleanup!  Beach Captains will primarily be responsible for:

  • Checking volunteers in
  • Handing out and collecting cleanup equipment
  • Collecting data
  • Ensuring safety protocol is followed
  • Ensuring proper disposal of trash
  • Having a great time!

Interested? Contact Kaia Hazard, Oregon Regional Manager, at