Ever get nailed at the beach while heading out to your fav break? Or how about while just beach-combing? Or on a wicked sunset walk with your miss? Or the morning after a pallet bonfire while picking up all of the left over beer bottles strewn around? Sucks, huh?

Well, there’s some good news coming in from a couple of different directions. #1; Our local chapter has teamed up with some responsible-minded young adults from Newport High School to help de-nail local beaches. And, with a bit of creativity, they turned the dangerous beach debris into an art project to help raise awareness visually for other students at school. Their primary intent was to make an impact on fellow students about just how many nails can come from burning pallets and leftover construction lumber in one night of partying and burning.

NailsPretty sick eh?

2; OPRD┬áhas just agreed to put in additional signage at Nye Beach, Agate Beach, Bastendorff Beach and about 8 other sites on the Oregon coast to highlight beach issues with pallet burning. According to Charlie Plybon, “This is a great example of stewardship activities, youth engagement and lightweight advocacy leading to rule changes, greater awareness and a nice mini-victory.” A huge round of thanks for all of the folks that have contributed to this “mini-victory”!

So there you have it. Getting nailed at the beach does suck. Let’s get this particular beach party “necessity” out of our collective mindset and replace it with something more healthy and non-threatening. Spread the word. And if you do happen upon a recent pallet burn, do what’s right, call in some friendly re-enforcement, and get it cleaned up. Cuz no one digs getting nailed (at the beach).