In November the Newport Chapter executive committee met for three days to set goals and make plans for 2019. The chapter is in good shape financially as soon as we come up with a way to cover a $6000 deficit in the 2019 budget. (More about that later. Keep reading.)

Our ongoing programs (water testing, Ditch the Straw, Hold Onto Your Butt, Ocean Friendly Rain Garden) have strong leadership and will continue their work in the new year. The website has information on all these programs. We also have a Ban the Bag campaign that is gaining momentum thanks to Diya Heal and Consuelo Kammerer.

Our new chair, Scott Rosin, and vice-chair, Katherine Valentino, are looking into local plastic upcycling possibilities. This would be a new program. If it’s something you’re interested in, talk to them.

We now have a full executive committee of seven officers. All are working hard, but our vision is greater than our current capacity. We could do more if we had the volunteer energy. We are looking for people with a little bit of time to lead or help with a number of projects. Stephanie Fields, our volunteer coordinator, can explain the positions further. Of course this is volunteer work and is very flexible.

Here’s the wish list:

  • Fundraising – We dropped our big annual fundraiser (Seafood & Wine Festival) and have yet to replace it. Several ideas have been suggested, but we need someone to lead the effort. If you’re not into volunteering, just write a big check and send it to the address on the website.
  • Event Coordinator – This is related to fundraising but also other chapter events. Responsibility for planning events (socials, fundraisers) is ad hoc right now. It would be great to have one person to keep track of who is doing what.
  • Beach and Highway Cleanup Coordinator – One of our core programs is currently without a leader. This requires coordinating with SOLV and ODOT and organizing chapter sponsored cleanups.
  • Hold Onto Your Butt – This is a Surfrider program to reduce cigarette butt litter. Joie Harrington leads this committee of one. She would like some help.
  • Ocean Friendly Restaurants – This is a new Surfrider Foundation program. There is already one participating restaurant in Newport. It would be great to get even more restaurants on board.
  • Otter Rock And Roll – Planning and holding our annual youth surf contest is a lot of work. There are lots of opportunities to help here.
  • Film Series – The annual Spring Film Series needs an organizer.
  • Scholarships – The Coos Bay Chapter has a scholarship program. Who wants to develop one here?
  • Handicap Accessible Beaches – Cannon Beach is a model for making beach-going wheelchairs available. Developing a program here would probably require working with local government to fund it.
  • Merchandise – In the past we have commissioned and sold sweatshirts, tees, hat, etc. with Surfrider logos on them. No one is doing this now. It is a great way raise the chapter profile in the community and make a few bucks. Any marketers out there?

That’s the list so far.  Get more information on existing efforts by going to the Newport Surfrider webpage or contact Stephanie.  A volunteer organization is what its members make it. If you have a passion for any of these or other projects and some time to volunteer, step right up. Remember, our mission is the preservation and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beachesThat covers a lot. Where can you help?