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Help Plan our Water Needs

Surfrider has been involved in an effort to plan for future water needs from Cape Perpetua to Cascade Head. This group, called the Mid-Coast Water Planning Partnership, is made up of more than 70  individuals representing 45+ groups.

Water and water supply affects all aspects of life in our region. Most of our water falls as rain during the winter and most of that water is not stored for very long. During the summer, when there is little rain, the Mid-Coast faces water shortages and droughts like other places in Oregon. In 2018, Lincoln County was in a severe drought for most of the summer.

To inform the work of the Partnership, we need to better understand the community's thoughts and ideas on water. 

Tackling our water issues will take everyone. So, we need to hear from you! We need as many people as possible who live, work, own businesses, or often visit the Mid-Coast to share their opinions.

The responses will be compiled by Oregon’s Kitchen Table, ensuring their anonymity. A summary of responses will be shared later this fall.

Please complete this brief survey to share your thoughts with us – it will take you less than 10 minutes!  And please share with your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Oregon’s Kitchen Table will be collecting input for the Partnership through November 30th, 2018.