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Newport Plastic Foodware Ordinance

The Newport City Council is holding a public hearing and most liking adopting a comprehensive plastic foodware ordinance on Monday, December 6th at 6:00 pm.

The proposed ordinance, which would be effective March 31, 2022, would:

  1. Ban rigid plastic and polystyrene foam foodware (clamshells, bowls, etc.)
  2. Ban polystyrene cups
  3. Require that single-use plastic food service ware (forks, spoons, stirrers, etc.) and single-use condiments be offered only upon request for dine-in
  4. Require reusable food service ware for dine in

There are several exemptions outlined in the ordinance that address business concerns and exempts meals provided as part of a social service program.

The Council is set to pass an associated Resolution that would set businesses up for success by developing resources to support implementation of the ordinance. Surfrider fully supports including implementation activities, though we would rather see this language in the ordinance so it is binding. The resolution requires:

  1. A business outreach letter explaining the ordinance
  2. A list of suitable single-use alternatives for each product type (which will be developed by a stakeholder group comprised of a local waste hauler, a restaurant, a retailer or grocery, and an environmental or litter organization).
  3. A FAQ for grocery/retail establishments, and
  4. A FAQ for restaurants
  5. Any other resources to support business implementation of this ordinance.

If you are interested in providing testimony on this ordinance, you must notify the City by 2 pm on Monday, December 6th. Submit your written testimony and/or your request to provide verbal testimony to