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Newport Surfrider Needs a Few Good People

It is time to elect new Executive Committee (EC) members for the Newport Surfrider chapter. The EC is a group of volunteers responsible for running the Newport Surfrider chapter. It’s a fun and rewarding position that requires consistent efforts through a two-year term. The chapter is required to elect five standard roles (Chair, Vice Chair, Volunteer Coordinator, Treasurer, and Secretary) We usually have two additional at-large members.  As volunteers, perfection is not expected, but dedication is important. EC members typically meet  once a month to discuss chapter business and finances, along with engaging in regular communication via Surfrider officer email. Click here for more information.

Any chapter member in good standing may self nominate from now until the November chapter meeting. A chapter member in good standing is defined as any member of the Surfrider Foundation  who has attended at least three (3) chapter meetings or three (3) chapter events in the twelve (12) months preceding the election. Please email the Chapter Chair, Mike Harrington,, with your self nomination or any questions. Please include a short statement about why you are interested in joining the Executive Committee. BIPOC and members of the LGBTQ+ communities are strongly encouraged to apply.