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Rapid Response Cleanup Yields Big Impact at Otter Rock

Big kudos to Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation’s Beach and Highway Cleanup Coordinator Peter Snell and  OPRD’s Beach Ranger Ryan Parker for their leadership, as well as all of the volunteers that came out for the cleanup at the Otter Rock Marine Reserve, in the northern marine gardens earlier this month. The group removed over 2,800 lbs of asphalt from the beach and marine gardens through a core group of 6 volunteers working strategically in the sensitive habitat. These types of rapid response cleanups  are part of a pilot project funded by NOAA’s Marine Debris Program that Oregon volunteers and chapters are participating in this year.


Oregon Parks and Recreation had identified the area in need of cleanup, as asphalt eroding from the cliff side is falling down beachside of the marine gardens and marine reserve. More than a recreational hazard, the eroding asphalt presents environmental and habitat concerns amongst our members to the newly protected area. As such, the Newport Chapter of Surfrider Foundation is interested in pursuing sensible solutions from dynamic revetment to managed retreat to help protect this special place and prevent further environmental hazards. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact