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Greetings, Members and Friends of Newport Surfrider:

As we approach the end of 2020 and try to figure out what the next year will look like, we want to acknowledge that our mission depends on you. Thank you for your support! With the public health precautions we are now under, we still aren’t having face-to-face events. Our ocean advocacy at the local and state levels continues, although it is now online. We will still be working in Salem and locally to reduce plastic pollution and keep our ocean environment safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

We’re stoked for our virtual January Chapter meeting on Thursday, January 14th at 6:30 pm. We will be discussing how and why beaches change with the movement of sand and how this affects beach use. Of particular interest is Agate Beach over the last few years. Our panel includes Jonathan Allan, Coastal Geomorphologist for the state of Oregon, and Jay Senewald, Ocean Shore Coordinator for Oregon Parks and Recreation. Register at

Your chapter membership and dues support our programs locally and nationally. In a normal year many people pay their dues in person at our annual holiday volunteer appreciation event. This works out better for the chapter because with our “Beach in a Bag” memberships, the local chapter keeps more of the money than with a national membership. If you usually pay your dues at the end of the year, that will take more initiative on your part this year. We have two options for renewing your tax deductible membership:

We still have the Surfrider reusable shopping bags that come with the membership and can get one to you if you want or donate it to Food Share of Lincoln County. If you don’t know when your chapter membership expires, call or email me.


Mike Harrington