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The Film 'Behind the Emerald Curtain" returns to Newport January 26th.

If you missed it the first time here is your chance to see Pacific River's award winning film 'Behind the Emerald Curtain'. Presented by, Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in collaboration with Lincoln County Community Rights. Tuesday January 26, at 6pm, at Oregon Coast Community College, Community Rm 400.

The film focuses on the effects of industrial logging and herbicide spraying of coastal forests on our communities and our environment. Lincoln County Community Rights is collaborating on the event. Rio Davidson of Community Rights will give an introduction. There will be panel comments and discussion following the film. See the trailer HERE.
This presentation emphasizes the health and environmental issues connected to the industrial logging practices which are currently confronting residents of the Oregon Coast. Concerns regarding water quality and health issues connected to industrial logging practices have emerged with recent events in Gold Beach, Rockaway, and Triangle Lake which have impacted residents. While helicopter spraying of pesticides on National Forests was banned in the 1970's following injury and the subsequent work for change by Alsea residents, the forests of our region, mainly owned by large out-of-state interests, are not protected by these laws. Lincoln County Community Rights has filed a local initiative to ban aerial spraying in Lincoln County.
The Central Oregon Coast NOW Foundation works locally to improve the lives of women and girls. Anyone interested in the topic or in the Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) is encouraged to attend.
For more information please visit our website or Facebook.
--Sheila Swinford, president, Central Oregon Coast NOW