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Veteran Surf Lessons - Volunteers and Participants Welcomed

Ossies Surf Shop is partnering with Dr. Jaimie Lusk of the the Salem Vet Center to offer seven free surfing events for Veterans this summer on the following dates/times. Wetsuit, board rental, lesson, and lunch included.

FRI July 22 @ 10 AM

SUN July 24 @ 10 AM

MON Aug 8th @ 10 AM

FRI AUG 12th @ 10AM

TUES Sept 13 @ 10AM

THURS Sept 15 @ 10AM

WED Sept 21 @ 10AM

The Ocean–experienced as mystical or transcendental—is a place where Veterans can challenge themselves while remaining fully present. The ocean can hold us, while offering graduated risk exposure and physiological regulation.  Ossies has partnered with the Salem Vet Center on four previous Veteran surfing events with outstanding results. Veterans were matched with more experienced volunteers, and experienced play in the water as well as comradery with each other and civilian volunteers. The most experienced surfer and a beginner pushed themselves together in the same place. Many veterans overcame fears and insecurities. In our last event, a veteran struggling with severe PTSD and legal issues stayed in the water 3 hours; he turned to me and said, “Thank you, I really needed to wrestle some things down.” This series of events is part of our Vet Center’s strategic outreach plans. While many Veterans live on the Oregon Coast, there is no Vet Center on the Oregon Coast, and VA services are limited. It is hoped that these events will start to build veteran community in Newport, as well as connect Veterans to available mental health services.

Volunteer surf instructors are needed to make this event happen!

Contact for more details or to sign up to volunteer.