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Women's Expression Session

Calling surfers of all genders, ages, and surfing abilities to participate in a community surf event that celebrates women and gives voice to our surf culture! Northwest Wahines and Surfrider are excited to host the 6th annual Women’s Expression Session on August 3rd at Agate Beach!

This event grew from the idea to host a mock surf contest that threw out traditional rules and judging categories. Our goal is to make surfing more accessible, foster a relationship with the natural world, and strengthen our coastal community. We believe that We Are Stronger Together.

We offer surf lessons for participants who are trying surfing for the first time, or maybe just need a refresher. Lessons are open to participants of all ages, but we ask that you sign up in advance (on the Northwest Wahines website). A limited number of boards will be available to loan. Please bring your own wetsuit or rent one from a local shop. For intermediate and advanced surfers, there are 30 minute ‘Expression Session’ heats. All participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite sea creature. Awards will be given for most stylish costume, keenest vibe, bomb grom, most creative maneuver, gnarliest wipeout, and whoa-man! An after party will take place at Cafe Mundo from 6-9 pm which will include live music from the Light Rays, as well as a belly dancing and fire dancing showcase.

You can sign up to participate as a surfer or volunteer here.

All proceeds from the day help fund the Wave Warrior camps and community events. Wave Warrior camps were inspired by the work we did alongside pro surfer Kelly Potts, bringing surfing to underrepresented communities, with the goal of educating, empowering, and connecting women to the ocean and each other.
Our Wave Warrior camps originated from working with the Walden Project: Nature Connection Therapy Program. Since then we have expanded this project into the Siletz Wave Warrior camps, with grant funding and support received from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contributions Fund and the Siletz Community Health Clinic.

Overall, the mission of the program is to help participants build a relationship with the ocean and each other, while learning coping techniques, cultivating confidence, and establishing a sense of self. Our camp sessions include lessons on outdoor safety and decision making, surf fundamentals and technique, and environmental stewardship.

All proceeds/donations from Women's Expression Session support these camps by providing funding for the upkeep and purchase of surf equipment, lunch for participants and volunteers, and various other items needed to continue hosting free surf camps.