Become a Newport Chapter Volunteer!

Becoming involved with your community at the local level is intrinsically rewarding in many ways. There are many niche areas to volunteer. Volunteering can help develop and foster new skills, or strengthen skill sets you already possess.

Whether you are interested in keeping our beaches clean, sampling for water quality testing, working on ocean policies and local planning, or anything you can think of (or dream up), volunteering with Surfrider will give you the satisfaction of making a positive and healthy difference at the local, national, and global level.

Stephanie Fields is the Volunteer Coordinator for the Newport Chapter. You may email Stephanie at with any volunteer  inquiries you might have!


Current Opportunities


Our Newport chapter is looking for people interested in the following areas; we supply everything you will need:


Ongoing Volunteer Needs:

  • Collecting water samples to monitor water quality at local beaches – more info
  • Participate in beach cleanups  more info
  • Become a Beach Cleanup Captain – more info

Chapter Position Current Needs

If you are interested in these or any other ocean related subjects please contact Vince! The Newport Surfrider Chapter provides all supplies, training, and logistical support. We just need you to help multiply our efforts! You will be giving back to your community and the ocean by participating in whatever way you can. Every bit of participation helps!

Perhaps you can’t volunteer in the form of giving a little time and energy but still want to be involved and support your local Surfrider Foundation. Then why not join and support your local chapter with a small yearly donation? Just $25 makes you a Surfrider member. Your membership dues go directly to helping us give back to the community in meaningful ways like purchasing supplies for beach cleanups and testing supplies for water quality testing. We currently have a Beach in Bag special on memberships that includes a high quality reusable shopping bag (an $8 value) in the $25 membership. This special Beach in Bag membership must be purchased in person at a Chapter meeting, Chapter Event, or by contacting the Newport chapter.