We need your help! Time is running out incredibly fast to save the harbor seals from pupping alongside Chevelle’s tangled crab pots!

I can’t stress enough how much we need a large contingent of folks this weekend to move the remaining crab gear off this beach! Saturday and Sunday is all we have left! After that, the beach is closed to us as the harbor seals will move in and begin raising their newborns. We can’t afford to endanger the baby harbor seals by leaving any remnants of this crab gear behind. We must act this weekend. And we must act with every able bodied individual that can assist!

Please pass the word on to every single person you know that can dedicate a few hours this coming Saturday and Sunday morning to make this crab gear disappear before it’s too late. We need families, we need high school students, we need college students, we need retirees, we need ocean lovers, beach combers…whatever category you fit into, WE NEED YOU!

For this project, individuals 14 and over are requested due to the rocky terrain at the project site.

If you can, please bring a serrated knife (Vickies are great for cutting this line! They are $5 at Englund Marine Supply) and gloves if you would like to be part of the cutting crew. We also need people to shuttle the bags from the beach to the dumpster in the parking lot. With lots of volunteers this coming weekend, we can form a line of people and make short work of this, and save the harbor seals from a very real and potentially lethal danger. We need at least 50 people each morning to make this possible!


Saturday and Sunday, April 27th/28th, 2013, 7am-noon 

Where: Yaquina Head Lighthouse Cobble Beach – please sign in at interpretive center before you arrive at the lighthouse.

 After signing in, proceed to the lighthouse parking lot. You will see us there in FULL FORCE!

Contact Peter Snell (541-520-5174) with any questions or comments about this event.

Special thanks to Thompson’s Sanitary for the dumpster donation, Lincoln Solid Waste District for hauling and recycling of the crab gear, and Englund Marine for donation of Vickies knives! 

This is it folks! Let’s come out in FULL FORCE and make this happen!